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Her Turn

This sweet young woman had never had professional photos taken before.  She reached out because, even though she had graduated high school several years before, she really wanted high quality photographs of herself, and missed out on getting them done her senior year.  This really touched my heart as we are growing so quickly, and even as adults, we get complacent. We feel as if we don’t deserve nice photos, whether its because we are older, our bodies have shifted after having children, or whatever the reason. But let me tell you, in about twenty years, you will wish you had taken the photos.  You will wish you had been in the photos.  Your children will look back and wonder why there are no photographs of their moms, just of them.  Trust me, they love and adore you, and want to see photographic proof that you existed.

Hey there!

I am a lover of natural light, gorgeous landscapes, and twirling through fields long grass. I've been known to make people hike up waterfalls and trek through blizzards for the best photo ops, Text me  if you're up for it!