Wildcrafted Photography for family, engagement and wedding photographer

The WildCrafted Family Experience

Pagosa Springs Family Photography

Every family session is done on location in a gorgeous scenic landscape that we choose together because family picture time shouldn't be boring.  It should be FUN!  This is my intention when I drag you and all the children out into the wilderness and force you to enjoy each other's company. Be prepared for an adventure, be prepared for craziness, and be prepared to actually enjoy yourself! This time is meant to create beautiful new memories, and while we spend an hour just having fun, those are the moments that I capture. 

I believe a photography session should produce not just beautiful images, but an enjoyable and stress-free, and fun experience as well, which is what I always strive for especially with the kids. Pagosa Springs is such a beautiful part of Colorado so I wanted to showcase the beauty of the landscape with your family as the focal point. All of the sessions will require a bit of a hike, the scenes are 1000% worth the trek!

I also do engagement photography and wedding photography in these scenic landscapes.