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Icy Senior Portraits Pagosa Springs Photographer

I loved this shoot! The lake was still frozen at the tail end of winter here in Pagosa Springs, and so after carefully stepping out on it, I felt confident enough to jump on it just a few feet from shore before letting this wonderful girl step foot on it.  I love the gray tones of the ice, mixed with the mountains in the background. She was amazing and even sat down on on it for me~ I even managed to get some shots without the heavy jackets, but it definitely was still wintery Colorado weather.  Next time you do senior portraits, consider bringing your family along too!

Family Photograph

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I am a lover of natural light, gorgeous landscapes, and twirling through fields long grass. I've been known to make people hike up waterfalls and trek through blizzards for the best photo ops, Text me  if you're up for it!