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So I’ve been calling myself a birth junkie for some time now. A little over a decade ago, I met some amazing friends when I lived in NYC who taught me about home birth. This has literally changed the trajectory of my life. I was always a little bit hippie, a little bit off center from the conventional walk of life, so it wasn’t terribly surprising that this is the route I wanted to take. My husband was born at home, here in Pagosa with a midwife back in the early 80’s, so it wasn’t an unfamiliar concept to me.

Love Homebirth!!

When I met these friends, one a hospital midwife, and one a NICU nurse, they talked all about the wonders of natural birth, and then from there, home birth was just part of my future. Moving to Pagosa to start a family, I found a wonderful midwife Juanita Nelson (www.communitymidwives.com), who was exactly what I needed in my birth plan.  She was there for all four of my home births here in Pagosa and it was something I have been a huge advocate for ever since.

Midwives are amazing

I met a wonderful new midwife, Kalie Caler  (www.mountainrootsbirth.com) who is actually local to Pagosa, and I teamed up with her to start documenting local home births as a way to be a part of something so magical, without needing to have more babies of my own.

Watching baby Oaklynn Wilder come into the world

These photos are of  my beautiful, strong friend Rebecka~ I met this warrior mama when I was lucky enough to photograph her first birth.  She was a Goddess then, and she absolutely rocked this birth as well. I have been so blessed to document half a dozen babies being born, and I hope you enjoy these powerful images of her bringing this new life earth side!



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I am a lover of natural light, gorgeous landscapes, and twirling through fields long grass. I've been known to make people hike up waterfalls and trek through blizzards for the best photo ops, Text me  if you're up for it!