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I went to a photo business retreat!!

A few weeks ago I went to a photography retreat in Scottsdale, AZ put on by my amazing business coach Amy Fraughton.  I discovered her about 5 years ago and she completely overhauled my business so I was actually making money to support my family! We had so much fun laughing and playing (and working, I swear) that it really felt just wonderful to be with other women who understand what it was like to work in our field.  Amy rented a sweet Airbnb for us, and we even had “pool meetings”! She took us to great restaurants in Scottsdale and Gilbert, and we even made cool rings as a fun outing! Some of the ladies went on a hike, but after growing up in the desert, I prefer the forests in Colorado and opted out haha.

I’m sure you can guess what happens when you get a bunch of amazing photographers together.  We spent a few hours doing branding photos for each other, and had a BLAST! Have you ever had 4 photographers taking your photo at one time?  No?  Well I have, and I was laughing so much while it was happening~ I just wish I had taken a photo of them taking photos of me!


Here are the photos I captured

Erin Silber of Erin Silber Photography 

Sarah Price of Sarah Jean Studios 

Caroline White of Caroline White Photography 

Amy Fraughton of Photo Business Tools 



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