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Lightroom Tutorial

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Hey guys! I am a photographer located in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. I recently photographed a beautiful wedding.  Unfortunately it rained pretty much the entire time. We didn’t have the chance to do many photos beforehand, so we had to wait.  As you can see, her dress was pretty muddy by that point, so I thought I’d reduce it in Lightroom.

You don’t need Photoshop

As you can see in the video, I used the brush tool to start.  If you turn on the masking option you can see where you are “painting”. Using what I learned in college about color theory, I added blue to counteract against the yellow in the mud. I lightened the exposure, and I softened the clarity to blend it. I also desaturated a little bit to help it match the white in the dress.

College has it uses

Going back to color theory, I was mainly talking about color opposites. Or rather Complementary Colors. The opposite of red is cyan, blue is yellow, and green is magenta.  So since the mud was brown, but really yellow, I added a cool tone (blue) to counteract it. This all goes to an RGB scale working with CMY.  See? That college degree in photography really paid off!

All jokes aside, I enjoy teaching people about photography.  The Photoshop and Lightroom stuff came later, as I learned 100% in a darkroom.  I developed my own film and printed it (even color, hence the color theory). I did learn Photoshop in school, but they were adamant that we learn how to master the darkroom before moving on digitally.  Oh how times have changed! I believe that they stopped teaching film developing and printing as a main part of their curriculum at least a decade ago.  Now it’s just a fun elective!

Check out lightroomkillertips.com for more helpful tutorials! Need help? Contact me here!


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