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Sand Dunes

Every once in awhile you need to do something to stretch yourself creatively. As much as I love photographing families, I like to create something different in order to push myself. When I heard about some friends planning an epic costume/sand dunes photo shoot, I begged to be a part of it.  I had always wanted to photograph at the dunes, but never pushed myself to do it.  Coupled with the styling of Adrienne Young of Ghost Rabbit’s Vintage, we couldn’t go wrong.  We grabbed a bunch of friends and headed two and a half hours away to the Great Sand Dunes National Park and ran around in our bare feet, and just had an amazing time until the sun set and we were forced to quit.  The sand dunes are my new favorite place to shoot!

Hey there!

I am a lover of natural light, gorgeous landscapes, and twirling through fields long grass. I've been known to make people hike up waterfalls and trek through blizzards for the best photo ops, Text me  if you're up for it!