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What a day to get hitched! And certainly one that they will always remember~ I love when my couples choose fun dates to get married on, the groom is *unlikely* to forget this anniversary.  Amanda and Kyle wanted an adventure elopement, but Amanda suffers from a debilitating chronic illness that makes hiking pretty difficult on her. Pagosa Springs is a wonderful area that has MANY epic locations that are just a drive and a short walk away, so if you want the LOOK of adventure, but not the actual sweaty-ness factor, I gotchu.

We got so lucky that there was a big snowstorm and we had big beautiful snowflakes falling during the entire ceremony.  Amanda took to heart my plea of “Please please PLEASE wear layers and warm boots”, so she was very comfortable and she looked amazing too.  Check out her cloak and gorgeous white snow boots! Also, I just love the customized Mr & Mrs leather books for their vows, if you’ve heard my story of the officiant who used a bright yellow folder, you know how much I appreciate attention to details!

Contact me if you want “lazy” adventure elopement in Pagosa Springs, Colorado! Or…if you want to hike to the top of Pagosa Peak or Alberta Peak in the summer, I’m down for that too 🙂 Text me 970-946-6362


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