When you want to elope...that day

Colorado is a breathtakingly beautiful state, with a diverse array of landscapes and natural wonders that attract visitors from all over the world. One of the most magical and awe-inspiring sights that Colorado has to offer is its waterfalls, which are particularly stunning in the winter months. If you're considering eloping in Colorado, there's nothing quite like exchanging your vows in front of a frozen waterfall.

These two adorable people messaged me in the morning and inquired if I had availability to photograph their elopement THAT DAY. I laughed at first, but then said, why not? They were in Pagosa Spring for just a few days, were planning on getting married soon anyway. They loved the idea of an adventure elopement in the mountains of Colorado, so they hopped on the phone to see if they could pull it off. I think it was a success!