Wildcrafted Photography for family, engagement and wedding photographer

What to Expect

A photography session is almost always awkward right off the bat. Unless you are a professional model, you are likely not going to be immediately comfortable in front of the camera!  This is why I give a full hour in order to get you to relax and enjoy yourself.  Even though I’m snapping away, I’m also joking, laughing, asking questions, and sometimes forcing you to forget about me, and just enjoy each other.  I will pose you, I will give you guidance, I will tell you to make out, tickle each other, whatever I have to do to get those natural responses that come from just happiness. The real trick to my photography style, is to just be yourself!

After our amazing time together, that is when the real work begins. When I’m not behind the camera, I am behind the scenes culling, editing, retouching, uploading, designing, ordering, the list goes on.  For every hour I am shooting, there is at least another three hours of additional work to be done.  Because I care so deeply about producing high quality images for you, I do this all myself, and do not outsource my work. When I am finished, I upload your images to my proofing site for you to approve, and are highly encouraged to share.  We choose a few of your favorites that you would like printed on stunning mounted fine art photo paper, I create your archival keepsake album, which includes every single image, and then I deliver a beautiful Walnut Wood USB drive with matching box to preserve your memories.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get all of the images you take?  I take anywhere from 500-1000 pictures from your session, most of which are exactly the same, or are no good (eyes closed, weird expression) Trust me, you do not want to see them.  If there is a particular sequence that wasn’t picked, please let me know and I will go back through them to see if I skipped it for a specific reason.  I offer three packages which include various amounts digital images.

Where can we go shoot? Pagosa Springs is a stunning locale for photography.  We have so many options that range from mountains, rivers, forests, waterfalls, lakes, dusty back roads, Aspen groves, and even an option for old buildings- the sky is literally the limit here! For the sake of time, I usually limit to one or two locations.

Can we remove items or customize our package? I currently only customize wedding packages, as my regular session packages have been wrapped together intentionally in order to best present my artwork.  No substitutions are allowed, but you are encouraged to purchase from my A La Carte options!

What should we wear?  Definitely something you are comfortable in!  Decide which clothing is appropriate for your season, and go from there.  This is Colorado, and it will be dusty/muddy/snowy/rainy/windy/hot/cold pretty much guaranteed.  I shoot outdoors in every season, so please dress accordingly. Especially when you have small children who get miserable pretty quickly when the sun sets and the temperature drops  Look on Pinterest for ideas on how to coordinate without being matchy-matchy.  Layers photograph very well, and solid plain t-shirts aren’t very exciting.  When you look put-together, your photos will look more like pieces of art, rather than snapshots.

Do you know any florists/caterers/venues/hair stylists/bakers? Why yes I do!  You can check them out on my detailed Vendor’s Page!

Why should I hire you to document the most important moments of my life? Exactly.  These are the most important moments in your life, and I will help you capture beautiful memories that you will always be able to look back on.